Joisk: Careers


Before Applying:

- Joisk is currently a small company with only a few members.

- We are looking for people who want to join an exciting startup in its early stages.

- We are also looking for people that can tolerate the risks and rewards that come with being apart of an innovative startup. This means you can handle the smaller monetary compensation and hectic workloads early-on, in order to potentially reap great benefits later down the road.

- This means that all new employees/partners will get meaningful equity in the company at a trade-off of getting less monetary compensation when they begin. Early partners/co-founders will likely have to take on multiple roles, and will have a dynamic work environment as the company evolves.

Positions We are Looking For:

- Co-Founders/Partners (willing to do a little bit of everything)

- Chief Marketing Officer

- Delivery Drivers

- Chief Business Officer

- Social Media Manager

- Chief Operating Officer

Requirements, Details, & Preferences:

- At Joisk we are flexible with our requirements. However, ALL applicants must have a considerable knowledge-base and have a competent enough skillset for the position they are applying for.

- University/College degrees are not required but may be beneficial when applying.

- Being fluent in english and having good communication skills are requirements

- Applicants applying to be Drivers, must have a drivers license and a car. Gas and car maintenance will be covered by Joisk.

- Young Adults (18-25), who are looking to get involved at an early-stage company, and are willing to learn new skills on the job are of great preference but not required.

- It is preferred if you currently live in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, or Surrounding Areas. However, for certain positions, that is not required. An openness to move to Waterloo or Kitchener is required for higher-level positions.

- We are currently working out of a large, new, house and looking to get an office in the next couple of months. So you must be comfortable with occasionally coming to the house for meetings, some work days, etc. A lot of roles(s) at Joisk can be done with you working from your home and it wont be neccessary for you to work here everyday (unless you want to).


- Because we are a startup, the most important thing that we can offer is meaningful equity in the company.

- Starting equity compensation can range from 1-10 percent depending on what role(s) you are applying for

- Starting salaries will range from 25k-35k and can increase SIGNIFICANTLY depending on how long you have been working at the company and how much the company grows.

Application Steps:

1. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, it is required you Contact Us Here (It may prompt you to create an account before you contact us). Once at the contact page, make sure you set the subject to 'careers'.

2. Fill out the message part of the contact form. Make sure you clearly tell us which position(s) you are applying for, and give us a little bit of background about yourself. Also, make sure to tell us these things: Where you are located? Why do you want to work at Joisk? Why would you be a good candidate for this position? Make sure to include your email for which you would like us to respond to, at the end of the message. Then send the message.

3. Wait for a response. We will get back to you in the next few days. We may ask some follow-up questions, or we may ask to have a conversation with you over an online video chat.