Joisk: Investors


Investor Information:

- We are currently 100% bootstrapped with no outside investment or funding.

- We are currently profitable and not actively seeking funding at this current moment. We are looking to further prove our market fit over the next few months before expanding and seeking investment.

- However, if the right offer came to us, we would certainly be open to accepting it.

Contact Us:

1. If you are interested in investing in Joisk, it is required you Contact Us Here (It may prompt you to create an account before you contact us). Once at the contact page, make sure you set the subject to 'investors'.

2. Fill out the message part of the contact form. Let us know who you are, what questions you have, and why you may want to invest in us. Make sure to include your email for which you would like us to respond to at the end of the message. Then send the message.

3. Wait for a response. We will get back to you in the next few days. We may ask some follow-up questions, or we may ask to have a conversation with you over an online video chat.