Joisk: Snapchat PowerBank - Portable Battery Pack for iPhone, Samsung - Many Electronics

Snapchat PowerBank - Portable Battery Pack for iPhone, Samsung - Many Electronics

Sold By: DZE Electronics

Price: $20.99 (USD)

-Charge Your phone and electronics anywhere with this portable Ghost Emoji(Snapchat) Powerbank!
- This Powerbank is used to charge anything like your smartphone, tablets, electronics, or anything that uses a usb cable to charge.
- This Snapchat Powerbank comes with a USB to Micro USB cable which is used to charge the powerbank, and can be used for many electronics such as cameras.
- This powerbank will work with any cable as long as the input to the powerbank is a USB cable. So your smartphone/tablet cable will work with the powerbank.
- Do you like snapchat? Check out the ghost emoji Powerbank! limited quantity available.
- Fast and Free Shipping to Canada
- 2000 mAh

Shipping Options

Canada (1-2 Days): Free Shipping

United States (3-7 Days): $2.99

Worldwide: (7-16 Days): $7.99

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Customer Reviews:

Michelle W. December 04, 2018

Charges better than i thought

The Powerbank came in a little bit late because of the Canada Post Strike, but it was still only like 4 days lol. Not bad for free shipping. Anyways, it has a much longer battery life than i thought, I charged my phone almost twice in a row without having to recharge the battery. It's kinda nice being able to charge my phone at the office where there aren't a lot of outlets nearby. The only downside is it does not come with the usb cord for my iphone x. But I just use the one that I already had and it works great!

Jonathon L. December 03, 2018

Great deal for a Powerbank

Honestly, I was skeptical when I saw a powerbank for so cheap. I liked the ghost emoji and wanted to charge my phone on-the-go. Powerbanks are usually atleast $30 so one for $15 is a little worrisome. But I bought it a few days ago and it works! I know it wont last as long as a 10 000mah one thats like $50 dollars, but this is a great for charging small things like phones (so far)