Joisk: Spiderman - Portable Phone Charger - Powerbank 4400 mAh

Spiderman - Portable Phone Charger - Powerbank 4400 mAh

Sold By: DZE Electronics

Price: $20.99 (USD)

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-Charge Your phone and electronics anywhere with this portable spiderman(Spider-Man) Powerbank!
- This Powerbank is used to charge anything like your smartphone, tablets, electronics, or anything that uses a usb cable to charge.
- This Snapchat Powerbank comes with a USB to Micro USB cable which is used to charge the powerbank, and can be used for many electronics such as cameras.
- This powerbank will work with any cable as long as the input to the powerbank is a USB cable. So your smartphone/tablet cable will work with the powerbank.
- Do you like snapchat? Check out the spiderman Powerbank! limited quantity available.
- Fast and Free Shipping to Canada
- 4400 mAh

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Order between 10am-8pm to get 2-Hour Shipping

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Customer Reviews:

Patrick G. January 29, 2019

Awesome, just a little awkard

I love it. A charger/powerbank that is spiderman is kinda amazing. It's worked well and I've been able to charge my phone fully everytime. The only awkward thing is that you kinda have to stand it up to be able to charge it (it naturally stands up), so it takes up a little more room than i thought. It's still small though. Not big so don't worry

Patrick G. February 13, 2019

Good Charger

I burn through my phone battery pretty quickly and always need a backup powerbank. Spiderman seemed cool. Bought it and it works well. It's heavier than I thought despite it being quite small.