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Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Switch)

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- Everyone is here! In this latest installment of the frantic fighting game series, Super Smash Bros Ultimate allows you to choose from every single character who's ever appeared in a Smash Bros game. Many of the characters have upgraded moves and appearances, and the game features tons of improvements.

- Classic Mode: The single-player mode in which players battle against a series of fighters will return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Each fighter has a set of stages and opponents that she or he will face
- Stamina Battle is also one of the standard modes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; in Stamina Battle, players fight to deplete each others stamina until only one fighter is left standing
- The Final Smash Meter is now a selectable option; if enabled, players can charge their Final Smash Meter over the course of a battle once the Final Smash Meter is fully charged, players can unleash a less powerful Final Smash attack

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Customer Reviews:

Jeremy G. January 13, 2019

They Keep Getting Better

I bought every smash game since N64. I got like 5 dollars off on this site and I got it shipped here in just a few hours. The game is what you'd expect from smash. It's the best fighting game to play with friends and in this one there are tons of new characters (100 or more i think). The only thing I don't like about the game is that a few of the character abilities on the new characters feel like duplicates. But that's it. Still amazing.